Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide
Second Edition

The Book

ISBN 0-97386-214-9, 290 pages.

Zend's new PHP 5 Certification Exam represents an excellent tool for professional PHP developers who want to distinguish themselves in their field.

php|architect's Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide, 2nd Edition, edited and produced by the publishers of php|architect, provides the most comprehensive and thorough preparation tool for developers who wish to take the exam.

This book provides complete coverage of every topic that is part of the exam, for more information, see chapters & downloads.

New in the second edition: over 20 pages of new content, including coverage of the PDO and mysqli extensions, as well as numerous errata corrections throughout the book.

Written by PHP professionals, and Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineers, Davey Shafik and Ben Ramsey, and reviewed by core PHP developer Derick Rethans, this is the perfect book for every prospective Zend Certified PHP Engineer candidate!

Chapters & Downloads

php|architect's Zend PHP 5 Certification Guide covers the following subjects:

We have worked closely with Zend to ensure that the book covers all material necessary for those wanting to take the exam. We have however, tried to make it a good reference in and of it-self, so even if you're not going to take the exam, you should consider this book as your everyday "digest" reference.

Download the example chapter: Zend Certification Guide - Security.pdf

The Authors

Davey Shafik

Davey Shafik is a full time PHP Developer with 7-9 years experience in PHP and related technologies. An avid magazine writer for php|architect and the International PHP Magazine, Davey keeps his mind sharp by trying to tackle problems from a unique perspective. Davey is also entering the world of PHP conference speaking and is a Zend Framework and long time PEAR project contributor. He lives in Florida with his 6 cats, where he maintains his off-beat PHP related blog Pixelated Dreams. Davey is Zend PHP 4 and PHP 5 Certified.

Ben Ramsey

Ben Ramsey is an Engineer for Art & Logic, a Pasadena, California-based software development firm, and a leader in the PHP community. His involvement in the PHP community includes being a founding Principal of the PHP Security Consortium, co-founder of Atlanta PHP, and Zend Certified Engineer. Ben is a blogger, speaker, and author, having written articles for PHP Magazine and php|architect. He lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Liz and dog Ashley and blogs about PHP and related technologies at